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Corrugated Canister Set

Corrugated Canister Set

Our Corrugated Canister Set will compliment your rustic, industrial, or farmhouse decor with ease. Easily use as a vase or create a beautiful tablescape for your dining area by adding items found throughout your home. You can even separate the canisters to become useful storage throughout any number of areas in your home.
$26.00 $16.00
Towel Cabin Life

Cotton Towel-Cabin Life

Our 100% cotton towels are machine washable and make for a great gift when paired with one of our soy jar candles!
$11.00 $5.00
Friendship Towel

Cotton Towel-Friendship

Our Friendship Towel paired with a Friendship soy jar candle as an ideal gift for a dear friend. Our 100% cotton towels are ample in size, measuring 20" by 25" and are machine washable. Ideal for decor, but also work well for drying dishes and wiping counters as they are highly absorbant. Each towel comes with a convenient hang tab on the back for decor and drying.
$11.00 $5.00
Happy Halloween Towel

Cotton Towel-Happy Halloween

Add a touch of whimsical holiday flair to your kitchen with our Happy Halloween Towel. This 100% cotton towel features a little girl dressed in a witch costume for the holiday and a joyful poem, perfect for your Halloween decor. The towel measures 20 inches by 25 inches and has a handy hanging loop on the back for display. Each of these items are quick drying, highly absorbent and machine washable for your convenience.
$11.00 $5.00
Hocus Pocus Towel

Cotton Towel-Hocus Pocus

Our Hocus Pocus Towel is a fun way to dress up your kitchen for this whimsical holiday. "The moon is round and bright like a white pumpkin in the sky. It lights the way for a night of Hocus Pocus" is printed with a color image of a young girl sitting atop a jack-o-lantern. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable, our towel measures 20" by 25", ample enough in size for a variety of household uses.
$11.00 $5.00
Picture of Cotton Towel-Keeping it Simple

Cotton Towel-Keeping it Simple

Our Keeping it Simple Towel pays homage to years past. Made of soft 100% cotton, this towel is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen essentials. Ideal for use in the kitchen or bath, these towels are great for drying dishes, wiping up counters and covering bread as it rises. When laid flat, each towel measures 20 inches by 25 inches and comes with a convenient hanging strip on the back for drying or display purposes.
$11.00 $5.00
Living Life Towel

Cotton Towel-Living Life

Our Living Life Towel is a peaceful reminder of the simple joys in life. Pair it with a soy jar candle to create the perfect gift for a loved one. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable with a convenient hanging tab on the back, this towel is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen items. It measures 20 inches by 25 inches when laid flat has a variety of uses not limited to decoration.
$11.00 $5.00
Spirit of Christmas Towel

Cotton Towel-Spirit of Christmas

"Let us keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all the days of the year" is lovingly scripted on our Spirit of Christmas Towel that also features a pair of rustic snowmen ready for the holidays. A delicate way to adorn your kitchen or bath for the season with a variety of uses for the home. Perfect for decor and will also work well for drying dishes and cleaning up the busy kitchen for guests to arrive. Made of soft 100% cotton and machine washable.
$11.00 $5.00
Three Crows Pumpkin Delivery Towel

Cotton Towel-Three Crows Pumpkin Delivery

Our Three Crows Pumpkin Delivery Towel is a great piece to decorate your home for fall. Featuring a rustic red truck full of seasonal pumpkins and a scarecrow, it is sure to bring a smile to your face. Made of 100% cotton, with a convenient tab on the back for display or drying, this towel measures 20 inches by 25 inches when laid flat.
$11.00 $5.00
Trick or Treat Towel

Cotton Towel-Trick or Treat

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" is printed on our Trick or Treat Towel with a gaggle of crows and jack-o-lanterns sitting on a fence. This towel was created to give your home a fun and whimsical feel for this festive holiday. Each towel is made of 100% soft cotton and measures 20" by 25" when laid flat. There is a convenient hang tab located on the back for decor and drying purposes.
$11.00 $5.00
Up on the Roof Top Towel

Cotton Towel-Up on the Roof Top

Our Up on the Rooftop Towel was created to pair with our soy jar candle and bring your home delight through the holiday season. Each towel features a poem and an image of santa in his sleigh. This towel is an ideal way to dress your kitchen or bath for the holiday. Each towel is made of 100% soft cotton and is machine washable. There is a convenient hang tab located on the back for display and drying purposes.
$11.00 $5.00
Witches Brew Towel

Cotton Towel-Witches Brew

Our festive Witches Brew Towel pairs perfectly with our soy jar candles. Made of soft 100% cotton and machine washable. This towel is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen essentials. Measuring 20 inches by 25 inches when laid flat, this towel is made for use after use. Completed with a convenient hook on the back for display or air drying!
$11.00 $5.00
You are my Person Towel

Cotton Towel-You are my Person

Our You are my Person Towel is just the right gift for the loved one in your life! Pair with a soy jar candle to create the perfect sentiment for that special someone. Our 100% cotton towels are super soft and made to last for years to come. Measuring 20" by 25" when laid flat, this towel is ample enough in size to work for a multitude of tasks including drying dishes, wiping down counters, or hanging beautifully in the kitchen or bath.
$11.00 $5.00
Beachy Knit Dish Cloth Set

Cotton-Knit Dish Cloth Set

Add a pop of color at your sink with our Beachy Knit Dish Cloth Set. Coming as a set of two, one blue and one mustard. Each measures 10-1/2" square to clean most any mess you can find. Conveniently machine washable.
$12.00 $5.50
Black Enamel Soap Dish with Lid

Enamelware-Black Soap Dish with Lid

Our Black Enamel Soap Dish with lid comes complete to you as a three piece set. Keep your soaps out of standing water with the removable drip tray and fitted lid. Designed to correspond with your already delightful home decor.
$11.00 $3.00
Distressed Cafe Table Caddy

Enamelware-Distressed Cafe Table Caddy

Our Distressed Cafe Table Caddy is an essential home item! With a variety of uses around your cozy nest, you may even need more than one. Ideal in the kitchen for party serving, dressed up in the entry with a bouquet of flowers, storage in the powder room, or even organization in the office. The weathered white enamel containers are affixed with a wood handle for carrying.
$24.00 $12.00
Distressed Enamel Box Set

Enamelware-Distressed Enamel Box Set

Bring a touch of vintage inspired charm to your kitchen or bath with our Distressed Enamel Box Set. This set comes as a six piece set with three weathered white enamel canisters and rustic black trimmed lids. Ideal for storing coffee and tea in the kitchen or cotton swabs and other essentials in the bath.
$56.00 $38.00
Fluted Wall Basin

Enamelware-Fluted Wall Basin

Our Fluted Wall Basin is finished with a rustic white enamel and weathered black trim.
$20.00 $5.00
Hanging Enamel Soap Dish

Enamelware-Hanging Soap Dish

If space at your basin is limited, our Hanging Enamel Soap Dish is ideal to free up space on the counter. The convenient design mounts flush to the wall to keep your soaps near the sink. With a glossy white enamel finish, this simple soap dish is ideal to add a touch of vintage charm to your bath.
$7.50 $2.75
Milk & Cookies Set

Enamelware-Milk & Cookies Set

Add a joyful touch to your holiday traditions! This fun and festive Milk & Cookies Set is designed to grow with your family for years to come! Weathered white enamel is perfectly finished with red trim for this joyful holiday season. Scripted on the tray is "Christmas Cookies" and the cup features "Milk (or Cocoa)" for the bigger children in your home.
$21.00 $8.00
Painted Garden Pots

Enamelware-Painted Garden Pots

Our Painted Garden Pots are a stylish way to try your hand at a little indoor gardening. This four piece set includes three gardening pots that nestle inside of the matching tray. Made of rustic white enamel with a weathered black trim, this set perfectly compliments many of our enamelware items to feature in your home. Measuring 5-1/4" in diameter each, these pots are a great way to add a touch of green to your rustic farmhouse decor.
$10.00 $29.00
Distressed Match Holder

Enamelware-Primitive Keeper

$19.00 $4.00
Round Enamel Soap Dish

Enamelware-Soap Dish

Our Enamel Soap Dish is perfectly designed to correspond with your vintage farmhouse decor. This rustic white enamel dish is trimmed with weathered black to complete the look. Coming to you as a two-piece set, the slotted tray nestles on top to allow for proper soap drainage. Complete your bath in no time with many of our other corresponding white enamel items available in our Sundries Shop!
$14.00 $6.00
Agate Soap Dish & Cup

Enamelware-Soap Dish & Cup

Our Enamel Soap Dish & Cup is perfect to mount near your basin. This finished piece is beautifully distressed to agree with your farmhouse decor. Each two piece set comes complete with soap tray attached and hook to hang the included rustic cup.
$24.00 $5.00
Enamelware-Soaps Bowl

Enamelware-Soaps Bowl

Our Enamelware Soaps Bowl is a classic piece for your kitchen or bath. Fill it to the brim with some of our indulgent soaps to create a handy and appealing display. White enamel with a weathered black trim and finished with the text "SOAPS" in black. This piece is the perfect compliment to our Toiletries Enamelware Bowl. Perfect for storing essential items in plain sight, our rustic Enamelware Soaps Bowl is a great compliment to most any home decor. Find a variety of our Sundries items to pair with it!
$4.50 $2.50
Square Enamel Soap Dish

Enamelware-Square Soap Dish

Complete the farmhouse decor of your home with our Square Enamel Soap Dish.
$14.00 $8.00
White Enamel Utensils Holder

Enamelware-White Enamel Utensils Holder

As an every day essential item, our White Enamel Utensils Holder is perfect for your farmhouse kitchen. Made of clean, white enamel with black trim and labeled for "Utensils". It is ideal for keeping kitchen gadgets within sight for meal preparations.
$13.00 $6.00
Enamel-White Canister Set

Enamel-White Canister Set

This set of three enamel canisters can be used for storage or simply as decoration. The rustic and chippy white enamel is finished with black trim! Each graduated nesting canister is completed with a latching hook. Complete the shabby chic look in your kitchen with this set of functional, yet decorative canisters.
$36.00 $12.00
Mom Flower Garden

Garden-Flowers for Mom Culinary Garden

One of the easiest to grow flowers, Zinnias bloom with button-like flowers in bold, hot palette colors and hues of almost every shade except blue, and many are multicolored. Prolific bloomers, they make an excellent container garden. Butterflies are particularly attracted to Zinnias.
$20.00 $14.00
 Garden-Growing Wishes - Joy Flowers

Garden-Growing Wishes - Joy Flowers

Growing wishes with flowers and sentiment, sunflower/friendship, pinks/strength, forget-me-not/love, daisy/clarity, lavender/happiness, zinnia/joy.
$19.00 $11.00