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Bomb Core Breathe Clear

Bomb Core Breathe Clear

After your Bomb Core fizzes away, you will find a surprise inside, a long-lasting soap ball made with goat milk, flower petals and essential oils to lather up and continue enjoying for days. Breathe clear! This blend opens airways and increases clarity. A fusion of laurel leaf, lemon, 2 types of eucalyptus, mints, and herbs designed to support healthy breathing. Comes packaged in a lovely box.
$15.95 $8.50
Picture of Bomb Core-Sleep

Bomb Core-Sleep

After your Bomb Core fizzes away, you will find a surprise inside, a long-lasting soap ball made with goat milk, flower petals and essential oils to lather up and continue enjoying for days. The perfect bedtime treat to help you drift off into dream land. Eleven soft and soothing oils make the Sweet Dreams blend a powerful lullaby to help get you into the perfect sleep mode. Each ingredient in Sweet Dreams was chosen for a different calming effect. Try using one of our products with the Sweet Dreams blend 20 minutes before going to sleep to increase calm and relaxation. Net Weight: 9.2 oz
$15.95 $8.50
Mrs Coffee Mug

Ceramic Mug-Mrs

Every newly engaged or married gal needs this pink Mrs. mug. Makes a great shower gift or bachelorette party gift.
$15.00 $6.00
Mr & Mrs Jewelry Dish

Ceramic-Mr & Mrs Jewelry Dish

Every bride & bride to be will swoon over their new Mr. and Mrs. Jewelry Dish! Our beautiful gold foil trinket tray is perfect for placing your wedding rings or earrings to keep them in a safe place. The gold foil details add a touch of chic glam, perfect for your office or bedroom! This beautiful tray also makes a great gift for the bride to be!
$15.00 $6.00
Believe Plates

Christmas Holiday-Believe Plates

It's the Ho Ho Holidays, and Santa is coming to town. Get all your holiday goodies ready by plating them on these believe plates. Set a festive holiday table for Christmas dinner with these red and cream party plates. Add our Santa plates and fringed napkins to create a merry table setting.
$7.00 $4.00
Santa Plate

Christmas Holiday-Santa Plates

Set a merry table with these 9" Santa shaped plates. Top off your place-setting with the matching believe party plates. Or get ready for the arrival of the big man himself, by setting out cookies and reindeer treats on these jolly Santa plates!
$7.00 $4.00
Towel Cabin Life

Cotton Towel-Cabin Life

Our 100% cotton towels are machine washable and make for a great gift when paired with one of our soy jar candles!
$11.00 $5.00
Happy Halloween Towel

Cotton Towel-Happy Halloween

Add a touch of whimsical holiday flair to your kitchen with our Happy Halloween Towel. This 100% cotton towel features a little girl dressed in a witch costume for the holiday and a joyful poem, perfect for your Halloween decor. The towel measures 20 inches by 25 inches and has a handy hanging loop on the back for display. Each of these items are quick drying, highly absorbent and machine washable for your convenience.
$11.00 $5.00
Hocus Pocus Towel

Cotton Towel-Hocus Pocus

Our Hocus Pocus Towel is a fun way to dress up your kitchen for this whimsical holiday. "The moon is round and bright like a white pumpkin in the sky. It lights the way for a night of Hocus Pocus" is printed with a color image of a young girl sitting atop a jack-o-lantern. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable, our towel measures 20" by 25", ample enough in size for a variety of household uses.
$11.00 $5.00
Picture of Cotton Towel-Keeping it Simple

Cotton Towel-Keeping it Simple

Our Keeping it Simple Towel pays homage to years past. Made of soft 100% cotton, this towel is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen essentials. Ideal for use in the kitchen or bath, these towels are great for drying dishes, wiping up counters and covering bread as it rises. When laid flat, each towel measures 20 inches by 25 inches and comes with a convenient hanging strip on the back for drying or display purposes.
$11.00 $5.00
Living Life Towel

Cotton Towel-Living Life

Our Living Life Towel is a peaceful reminder of the simple joys in life. Pair it with a soy jar candle to create the perfect gift for a loved one. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable with a convenient hanging tab on the back, this towel is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen items. It measures 20 inches by 25 inches when laid flat has a variety of uses not limited to decoration.
$11.00 $5.00
Trick or Treat Towel

Cotton Towel-Trick or Treat

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" is printed on our Trick or Treat Towel with a gaggle of crows and jack-o-lanterns sitting on a fence. This towel was created to give your home a fun and whimsical feel for this festive holiday. Each towel is made of 100% soft cotton and measures 20" by 25" when laid flat. There is a convenient hang tab located on the back for decor and drying purposes.
$11.00 $5.00
Up on the Roof Top Towel

Cotton Towel-Up on the Roof Top

Our Up on the Rooftop Towel was created to pair with our soy jar candle a poem and an image of santa in his sleigh. Each towel is made of 100% soft cotton and is machine washable. There is a convenient hang tab located on the back for display and drying purposes.
$11.00 $5.00
Witches Brew Towel

Cotton Towel-Witches Brew

Our festive Witches Brew Towel pairs perfectly with our soy jar candles. Made of soft 100% cotton and machine washable. This towel is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen essentials. Measuring 20 inches by 25 inches when laid flat, this towel is made for use after use. Completed with a convenient hook on the back for display or air drying!
$11.00 $5.00
You are my Person Towel

Cotton Towel-You are my Person

Our You are my Person Towel is just the right gift for the loved one in your life! Pair with a soy jar candle to create the perfect sentiment for that special someone. Our 100% cotton towels are super soft and made to last for years to come. Measuring 20" by 25" when laid flat, this towel is ample enough in size to work for a multitude of tasks including drying dishes, wiping down counters, or hanging beautifully in the kitchen or bath.
$11.00 $5.00
Vintage Scale with Lemons Kitchen Towel

Cotton -Vintage Scale with Lemons Kitchen Towel

Extra soft, high quality absorbent cotton fabric. Clean, modern and gift-ready. Gourmet size 28" x 29". Our Vintage Scale with Lemons Kitchen Towel is designed with classic appeal. This generously sized flour sack towel will work wonderfully for wiping up in the kitchen or even as an apron. Made in USA
$22.00 $11.00
Garden Herb Napkin Set2

Cotton-Garden Herbs Napkin Set

Freshly picked, just for your table! Our Garden Herbs Napkin Set is soft and absorbent, just like napkins should be. Featuring herbs straight from the garden; Lavender, sage, thyme, and rosemary are individually printed on each 100% cotton flour sack. MADE IN USA These reversible napkins have two designs per napkin. When folded, each side displays a different design. Rosemary and Lavender on two; Sage and Thyme on two.
$38.00 $19.00
Metal Laundry Sign

Enamel-Metal Laundry Sign **SOLD OUT**

Our Metal Laundry Sign is a vintage inspired piece featuring bold black lettering on a white background. It is perfectly weathered to feature in your rustic farmhouse. Dressing up your laundry space will be sure to lighten the load of such a tedious household chore.
$15.00 $8.00
White Enamel Soap Dish with Lid

Enamelware-White Soap Dish with Lid **SOLD OUT**

Our three piece Enamel Soap Soap Dish is white enamelware with hand-painted black trim. The varied distressing adds to it's vintage-inspired charm! Keep your soaps out of standing water with the removable drip tray and fitted lid. Pair it with one of our delightful handmade soaps for a striking gift.
$11.00 $5.00
Lilac Stems

Floral-Lilac Stems **SOLD OUT**

Add a pop of color to your home! Our realistic Lilac Stems are a great way to infuse spring into your space. Simply add a few stems to your favorite vase or pitcher and place in any area of your home that needs a fresh boost.
$3.99 $2.00
Tulip Time Lavender

Floral-Tulip Time Lavender

Tulips as they emerge from the soil are a sure sign of spring. Several bundles in a vase will surely brighten your home. Our tulips feel as real as the fresh cut stems from the garden that is why they are called Real Touch Tulips
$11.00 $7.00
Winter White Sparkle Eucalyptus Candle Ring

Floral-Winter White Sparkle Eucalyptus Candle Ring

The darling Winter White Sparkle Eucalyptus Candle Ring is a perfect seasonal adornment for the charming farmhouse. It features dimensional white, faux eucalyptus leaves secured along a wire stem. Long, whitewashed leaves bring a textural element to the ring, which is dusted in shimmering glitter for a frosty look.
$3.50 $2.00
Mom Flower Garden

Garden-Flowers for Mom Culinary Garden

One of the easiest to grow flowers, Zinnias bloom with button-like flowers in bold, hot palette colors and hues of almost every shade except blue, and many are multicolored. Prolific bloomers, they make an excellent container garden. Butterflies are particularly attracted to Zinnias.
$20.00 $14.00
Oregano Garden in a Bag

Garden-Grow Organic Oregano in a Bag

Complete kit containing everything you need to grow fresh Organic Oregano in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors, year-round, directly in the leak-proof bag. Oregano blends wonderfully with spicy sauces and enhances grilled lamb, chicken and fish. When cooking with oregano a little goes a long way. The leaves also dry well and many believe oregano, when dried mellows and deepens in flavor.
$10.00 $5.00
Garden-Maker Farmers Market

Garden-Maker Farmers Market

Planting from seed is satisfying, and when those little buds emerge, you will nurture them and watch them grow, and the fruits of your labor will be a fresh addition to your family meals. A classic collection of organic culinary seeds chosen for their ease to grow in your sunny garden.
$23.00 $11.00
Picture of Glass-Large Vintage Mason Jar  **SOLD OUT**

Glass-Large Vintage Mason Jar **SOLD OUT**

Our replica Large Vintage Mason Jar is a quaint addition to your farmhouse decor. Perfectly finished with delicate blue glass and a black lid, it is sure to be an eye-catching piece!
$21.00 $11.00
Activated Charcoal Handmade Soap Bar

Handmade Soap-Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal soap is a natural way to clean your skin. Charcoal aids in skin detoxification by adhering to impurities. Some believe it helps in the clearing of acne. Each bar of soap is hand-created with ingredients you can feel good about.

**Note: This sale item arrives boxed with no label or ribbon**
$9.99 $1.50
Vintage Silver Tinsel Garland

Holiday-Vintage Silver Tinsel Garland

Bring an antiqued feel to your tree and decor this holday season with our Vintage Silver Tinsel Garland.
$8.00 $4.00
Cheese & Crackers Server

Home-Cheese & Cracker Server

Glazed stoneware platter features burlap textured exterior and two-sectioned serving surface with debossed identifiers.
$30.00 $16.00
Vintage Hardware Scale

Home-Clock With Weigh Scale

Add farmhouse charm the kitchen, mantle, or entry way with our replica Vintage Hardware Scale.
$33.00 $18.00