Wholesale Candles

Visit our wholesale candles website at 1803CandlesWholesale and fill out the short form.  Your information will be reviewed and we will contact you via email or a representative in your area will be in touch.

Opening candle orders must be placed with our office.  Once your territory is confirmed for availability please call us at 877-SOY-1803 (877-769-1803) to place your opening order.  Once your initial order is shipped, your account will be activated by an administrator and you can place additional orders through the wholesale candles website.

We offer exclusive dealership per zip code. Please note, exceptions may apply to distance between shops even if the zip code is different.  Territory is monitored by 1803 Candles®, our sales representatives, and shop owners. To maintain exclusive dealership status, regular orders should be placed throughout the year.  After six months of inactivity, the territory could be in jeopardy. Active shopkeepers are welcome to register their business for an online wholesale candles account by visiting the wholesale site at 1803 Candles Wholesale.