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Potted Pink Peony

Potted Pink Peony

Now you can finally have gorgeous peonies that will last for more than a few short days! Our petite Potted Pink Peony will add a lovely pop of color to any room you choose.
$11.00 $5.00
Spring Rain Handmade Soap

Spring Rain Handmade Soap

“Seedlings pop through the earth, the bird bath fills to the top; children splash in the puddles.” Our Spring Rain soap comes packaged in a recyclable box and tied with a vintage-inspired ribbon which makes it perfect for gift-giving. We have eliminated harmful chemicals from this soap allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your “me” time.
$9.99 $3.00
Stoneware Lemon Honey Jar

Stoneware-Lemon Honey Jar **SOLD OUT**

Add a summer accent to your kitchen with our Stoneware Lemon Honey Jar. The included wood dipper nestles inside the notched honey pot lid for easy access.
$14.00 $7.00
Metal and Stoneware Soap Dish

Tin and Stoneware Soap Dish **SOLD OUT**

Our handmade soaps will look perfect in our Metal and Stoneware Soap Dish! The aged galvanized metal tray is topped with a white stoneware soap dish. Cleverly designed with a two-piece construction for easy cleaning.
$15.00 $7.00
Hanging Olive Basket2

Tin-Hanging Olive Basket **SOLD OUT**

Add your own rustic flair to a dainty floral arrangement with our Hanging Olive Basket. Accent with burlap and wheat grasses or as storage in the office, the possibilities are endless! Each olive basket is made of galvanized metal with the patina making each item slightly different than the next, perfect for your rustic, farmhouse, or industrial decor.
$5.99 $3.25
Picture of Tin-Number Canister Set

Tin-Number Canister Set

Our Number Canister Set will surely compliment your farmhouse decor with little to no effort. The larger of the two is labeled "No. 1 Tea" and the smaller canister is labeled "No. 2 Coffee". They will look quaint when placed together near your morning brewing area.
$14.00 $9.00
Wax Melts

Wax Melts-Bag of 6 mystery scents

2nd quality; fill line too high or low, the scent might be written on package, label in the wrong position, the wax may be cracked. The sale is final, we cannot take requests on scents. Multiple purchases of bags could have duplicates.
$39.00 $9.99
Punched Flower Quart Mason Jar Wax Melt Warmer

Wax Warmer-Punched Flower Quart Mason Jar **SOLD OUT**

Our Punched Flower Quart Mason Jar Wax Melt Warmers are a vintage-inspired way to enjoy our fragrant melters. This replica of an old glass Mason jar adds a touch of rustic appeal to any home décor.
$29.00 $19.00
Robin's Egg Blue Wild Vine Electric Wax Warmer

Wax Warmer-Robin's Egg Blue Wild Vine

Welcome the newest addition to our line of signature wax warmers. The elegant design and vibrant hue of our Robin's Egg Blue Wild Vine Electric Wax Warmers will only add to the beauty of your home. Simply add one or two squares of your favorite 1803 Candles® melter and turn on the switch. In just moments, your favorite fragrance will fill your home with delight while illuminating a small space through it's leaf shaped cut outs. The small tray is removeable and makes switching scents almost effortless.
$21.00 $16.00
Picture of Wire-Love Heart  **SOLD OUT**

Wire-Love Heart **SOLD OUT**

Spread love all around with our delicate Love Wire! Delicately handcrafted, this is quite the perfect piece to inspire someone your hold dear. We're sure you can find many places for this useful item; hang on the wall, embellish a desk, adorn a beautiful gift, the possibilites are endless!
$5.99 $2.50