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Yuletide Cinnamon Rosehips

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“Fresh boughs drape the hearth. Wooden bowls are filled with berries and cinnamon fills the air.” Y

uletide Cinnamon is a festive blend of grated cinnamon sticks with a sugary dough base. The scent of the holiday season, Yuletide Cinnamon rosehips give off a tremendous fragrance when decoratively placed out every autumn and winter. Just ground cinnamon brings a energetic feeling while the delightful scent of baked goods calms the room and tugs at your heartstrings.

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8,99 $

1803's dried rosehips compliment our hand-made chunky botanicals when integrated. Scented just like your favorite 1803 candle, dehydrated rosehips are often put everywhere you need a inspiring smell. Rosehips could be implemented just like our botanicals as they can be a decoration while improving the aura of the home. Rosehips are offered in 8 oz. bags, just the perfect size for a bowl or jar and are also already prepared for gift giving. Our 5 lb. bulk rosehips are sealed in a bigger, industrial bag to be used all around your house or are the perfect size for crafting or repackaging. The uses for scented dried rosehips are never-ending and are a beautiful bouquet in any area.

Rosehips Exclusive Features
Fragrance without a Flame
Enhance Décor
Both Fragrant and Appealing
Sold in Personal and Bulk Quantities
8 oz. Bags Packaged for Gift-Giving
Available in Every 1803 Candles Scent

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