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1803 Candles Wick Trimmer

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Our Matte Black Wick Trimmers, embellished with the 1803 Candles® logo makes for easy maintenance of your 1803 Candles®. Trimming the wick on your candles allows for a longer, cleaner, and safer burning time.

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We suggest keeping the cotton wick trimmed to ¼” in between uses. Before lighting, simply snip the wick and discard the trimmed wick. The angled design fits easily into any candle and the sharp blades cut the wick effortlessly. Bottom has a unique debris-catching tray. Our 1803 Candles® Wick Trimmer is a must for any candle aficionado and pairs well with our 1803 Candles® Wick Dipper also sold here, in our Sundries shop.

Matte Black Metal Trimmer
Easy to Grasp
Measures 7” x 2.5”
Gift-Packaged in Brown Box with Plastic Sleeve


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