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White Porcelain Soap Dish

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This two piece white porcelain soap dish looks beautiful with our natural, handmade soaps! This classic design with clean lines will perk up any decor. Pair it with a striking (and sudsy!) bar of our Spring Rain or Vintage Lilac handmade soap to complete your claw-foot tub or vintage sink. Perfect for the kitchen or basin, or even the mudroom sink, the drain holes in the bottom of the top dish allow water to drain away from the soap keeping your pretty bar useable for an extended period of time. This larger size works well with almost any size of your favorite sudsy soap!

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Use this classic-style white porcelain soap dish in the kitchen, basin, or even at the mudroom sink.

Soap Dish Specifics
Measures a Total of 1 3/4" H x 7" L x 5" W
Classic Style
White Porcelain
Two Piece Design
Drain Holes in Dish Keep Standing Water Away from Soap
Larger Size Fits Most Soaps

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