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Simply Clean Refresher Oil

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“Fresh and clean… A fluffy white towel off the clothes line; cool soft sheets to cuddle in…”

Inspired by sheets drying in meadow breeze, brimming with rays of sunlight, Simply Clean surrounds you in a delicate freshness as another of our Scents Reminiscent of Simpler Times®. Our Simply Clean refresher oils spritzed on a vintage bowl brimming with your favorite chunky botanicals will envelop your home with touches of fresh soap and clear, blue water in a tidy fragrance. Simply Clean is ideal for the dried décor in areas of your home in need of a light and sparkling, reviving scent.

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Revitalizing your favorite bowl of chunky botanicals or dried rosehips is an economical choice when you use our authentic botanicals refresher oils. Each 1 ounce bottle comes with a user-friendly spritzer top. Simply spritz the refresher oil onto a dish of aging chunky botanicals to continue to fill your home with our inspiring Scents Reminiscent of Simpler Times®.

Refresher Oil Exclusive Features
1 Ounce Glass Bottle
Spritzer Top
Filled with Our Exclusive Blend of Scents
Fragrance Without a Flame
Simple Method to Refreshing Dried Rosehips or Chunky Botanicals
Can be Used to Add Scent to Pine Cones, Wreaths, or Dried Centerpieces
Available in All of Our Everyday Scents

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