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Shoofly Pie Linen & Room Spray

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“When Company was comin’ Nanny would whip up a Shoofly Pie. The molasses and brown sugar layer with a golden crumb topping made it a perfect fall dessert. I suspect that she had to shoo the flies away and that’s how it got its name.”

The aroma of a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, our Shoofly Pie linen & room sprays will fill any space with sweet memories of days spent watching Nanny whip up her signature dessert. The essence of a blend of molasses, cinnamon, and soft brown sugar has been carefully hand-blended and made-to-order in a light linen & room spray capable of recreating a nostalgic scent.

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An effortless method to refreshing a room’s appeal before guests arrive, we have created our linen & room sprays. We hand-blend our linen & room sprays with particular focus on using the same quality essential oils and fragrances that we use to create all of our scented products. Linen & room sprays are also safe to be used on pillows, blankets, and curtains. Also a perfect way to revitalize the interior of your car. With so many delectable aromas to choose from, there will be at least one 1803 Candles linen & room spray just perfect for your home.

Linen & Room Spray Exclusive Features

Aluminum Bottle

Fragrance without a Flame

Useable Virtually Anywhere Scent is Desired

Available in All 1803 Scents

Quick Solution to Freshen a Room

Safe for Bedding and Towels


Made in the United States

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