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Picture of Christmas at the Farm Soy Candle

Christmas at the Farm Soy Candle

“Daddy and I make buttered toffee. We pack it in assorted tins and put it under the tree. On Christmas Eve we take them to our neighbors to wish them well.”

Nothing beats Christmas time at the farm as you relax inside watching a light snow dust the countryside while the scent of maple toffee rich with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg dances through the kitchen. Even though it is cold outside, warm memories are being made inside for this Christmas and many more to come.
Three Crows Pumpkin Delivery Soy Candle

Three Crows Pumpkin Delivery Soy Candle

"Harvest Pumpkins Delivered Daily" You will love this fall candle and the crows delivering pumpkins on the label.
Winter White Snowman Wax Warmer

Wax Warmer-Snowman

Fill your home with your favorite 1803 Candles® fragrance. 1803 Pure Soy Wax Melts pair perfectly with our Winter White Snowman Warmer. Place wax cubes into his top hat, plug in and enjoy!