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Linen & Room Sprays

Scent your world with 1803 Candles, Linen & Room Sprays. An effortless way to add fragrance anywhere you desire and are available in all of our Scents Reminiscent of Simpler Times®. Packaged in our exclusive signature packaging and ready for gift giving.

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Pine Needles & Berries Linen & Room Spray

“Grandpa and the children cut the first tree of the season. Grandma strings popcorn and berries to hang from the branches.”

Pumpkin Cornbread Linen & Room Spray

“Nanny’s recipe book says to ‘Add a pinch of spice and a drop of honey to whipped pumpkin then add it to the cornmeal. Bake in a cast-iron skillet. Serve with sweet butter.’”

Pumpkin Hollow Linen & Room Spray

“Pumpkins of many colors and shapes can be found at Pumpkin Hollow Farm.”
Ray of Sunshine Linen & Room Spray

Ray of Sunshine Linen & Room Spray

Warm as the sun rises, quiet as the sun sets. A Ray of Sunshine to all he met…

River Birch Linen & Room Spray

“The sun rises over the secluded wilderness. Graceful, drooping limbs dip into the river and move with the breeze.”

Seaside Memories Linen & Room Spray

“An early evening walk along the sea and sand; small beach finds fill my pockets. The scent of fresh coconut and lime drifts my way from the little cantinas along the beach…”

Shoofly Pie Linen & Room Spray

“When Company was comin’ Nanny would whip up a Shoofly Pie. The molasses and brown sugar layer with a golden crumb topping made it a perfect fall dessert. I suspect that she had to shoo the flies away and that’s how it got its name.”
$9.99 $4.50

Simply Clean Linen & Room Spray

“Fresh and clean… A fluffy white towel off the clothes line; cool soft sheets to cuddle in…”

Sleighbells & Snowflakes Linen & Room Spray

“Sleighbells ring, are you listening…In the lane, snow is glistening…”

Snowman Village Linen & Room Spray

"Snowmen of all shapes and sizes with colorful scarves live in the woods called Snowman Village."
$9.99 $4.50

Southern Pound Cake Linen & Room Spray

"A southern living favorite. Rich and wonderfully indulgent pound cake baked with a golden brown sugar & praline glaze."
$9.99 $4.50

Southern Welcome Linen & Room Spray

“The ladies in town welcome new families with their favorite baked goods. Mama makes her famous marmalade cake.”

Spice Box Linen & Room Spray

“The spice box hangs in the summer kitchen filled with nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, allspice, clove buds, and ginger.”

Spirit of Christmas Linen & Room Spray

"Let us keep the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts all the days of the year"

Spring Rain Linen & Room Spray

“Seedlings pop through the earth, the bird bath fills to the top; children splash in the puddles.”

Summer Festival Linen & Room Spray

“Soak up the relaxed festival feeling while exploring the variety of wares on display. Spun sugar candy, fresh pies, lemonade, sweet and warm confections, and glorious sunshine.”

Tavern Maple Linen & Room Spray

"Found in the sweetest Tavern, built with age old maple trees you will find Maple Tavern."

The Weathered Crow Linen & Room Spray

“An old crow pecks at fallen chestnuts on the cobblestone street. He squawks at folks walking by but never flies away!”
$9.99 $4.50

Three Crows Pumpkin Delivery Linen & Room Spray

"Harvest Pumpkins Delivered Daily"

Up on the Roof Top Linen & Room Spray

"Imagine Mrs. Claus baking cookies in her kitchen with a fire crackling in the hearth. Santa reading letters by the light of the warm fire."

Vintage Harvest Linen & Room Spray

“We are blessed with a fruitful harvest. Our table is full and we are thankful.”

Vintage Lilac Linen & Room Spray

“The fresh smell of lilacs reminds me of a vintage garden and a walk among papa’s trees.”
Weathered Teakwood Linen & Room Spray

Weathered Teakwood Linen & Room Spray

Fresh and captivating blend of leather, tobacco and amber infused with bergamot, lime, orange and rich warm woods.

White Lilac & Cotton Linen & Room Spray

"Every day I think of you and every day I smile..."

White Pumpkin Linen & Room Spray

"A white pumpkin sits of each brick step up to the cabin. A ring of bittersweet hangs on the front door. Autumn has arrived."

Witches Brew Linen & Room Spray

"It's just a witchy good scent"

You are my Person Linen & Room Spray

"Friends come and go but some stay in your heart a lifetime"

Yuletide Cinnamon Linen & Room Spray

“Fresh boughs drape the hearth. Wooden bowls are filled with berries and cinnamon fills the air.”