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Linen & Room Sprays

Scent your world with 1803 Candles, Linen & Room Sprays. An effortless way to add fragrance anywhere you desire and are available in all of our Scents Reminiscent of Simpler Times®. Packaged in our exclusive signature packaging and ready for gift giving.

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Amber Woods Linen & Room Spray

Amber Woods Linen & Room Spray

Close your eyes and soak in the mingling of precious oils; golden amber, earthy sandalwood, bergamot, milky musk and sweet patchouli...

Apple Butter House Linen & Room Spray

"Nanny puts up her apple butter for the season"

Basil & Berries Linen & Room Spray

“The fruit market is a popular stop for folks heading to town. The baskets are colorful with berries, peaches, and melons.”
Beach House Linen & Room Spray

Beach House Linen & Room Spray

Lazy days by the ocean, nothing to do but walk on the beach, admire the sunset, visit the market and enjoy the warmth of the rising sun

Believe Linen & Room Spray

“Believe in miracles, magic moments, Santa Claus, true love, yourself, happiness; Believe you are strong and beautiful; Believe that laughter will make you feel better; Believe in kindness, what your heart tells you, and believe in make the most of today, tomorrow, and your life…”

Biscuits & Honey Linen & Room Spray

“Everyone gathers at the harvest table for breakfast. Mama was up at dawn rolling biscuits and warming honey.”

Bourbon Sandalwood Linen & Room Spray

"Mysterious scent of sandalwood embers smoothed with vanilla bourbon for an alluring, tranquil, and calming evening at home."

Buttered Rum Linen & Room Spray

“Papa said, ‘Buttered rum soothes and warms the soul’.”

Cabin Life Linen & Room Spray

"The cabin stays inviting through every season..."

Cabin on the Hill Linen & Room Spray

“Simple and peaceful, the cabin looks on the hill. A flag at the front door sways in the wind. Trees and firewood scent the air.”

Candy Corn Linen & Room Spray

"Trick or treat, Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat"

Cedarwood Orchard Linen & Room Spray

“The historic cedar barn can be seen through the trees. Wagons of McIntosh apples head to the barn for sorting.”

Christmas at the Farm Linen & Room Spray

“Daddy and I make buttered toffee. We pack it in assorted tins and put it under the tree. On Christmas Eve we take them to our neighbors to wish them well.”

Cider Mill Linen & Room Spray

“Follow the winding road along the river to the timber built cider mill. Heirloom apple picking and fresh pressed cider; hayrides and cider donuts, too.”

Coconut Vanilla Linen & Room Spray

“White, fluffy coconut and perfect vanilla extract blended with a touch of lemongrass”

Cookies for St. Nick Linen & Room Spray

“Traditions are what memories are made of. You can count on St. Nick to enjoy every thoughtful treat left just for him…”

Cornbread & Honey Linen & Room Spray

“Nanny said ‘There’s somethin’ about cornbread, folks eat it mornin’, noon, and night, and some in between’.”

Cranberry Cupboard Linen & Room Spray

“Shaker chairs sit on either side of the cupboard. The cranberry colored paint shows its age which adds to our love for it.”

Driftwood Shore Linen & Room Spray

“A stroll along the shore, sand between your toes, children laughing and splashing in the waves…”

Eucalyptus Leaves Linen & Room Spray

“The bold and bright scent of Eucalyptus to clear your mind and relax your weary bones”

Family Everything Linen & Room Spray

"Eternal love of family near and far..."
French Lavender & Sage Linen & Room Spray

French Lavender & Sage Linen & Room Spray

Bring the garden indoors with this bold and complex herbal blend of clary sage, French lavender, fern leaves, oak moss, pine, musk and amber.

Friendship Linen & Room Spray

“Old friends are never far away. ‘Where ever you go, you are always in my heart’.”

Good Ol’ Apple Pie Linen & Room Spray

“Family picnics, stories, food, laughter and a good ol’ apple pie makes for the perfect summer…”

Grandma’s Kitchen Linen & Room Spray

“Grandma’s kitchen is filled with needful things for baking; Cookie tins, spices, rolling pins, dough bowls, and pretty platters.”

Grandpa’s Trees Linen & Room Sprays

“Grandpa’s trees scent the air on the old dirt road. Folks driving by honk and wave at Grandpa sitting on the porch.”

Grated Cinnamon Linen & Room Spray

“Nanny grates cinnamon and wraps it in brown paper tied with string. Town folks purchase it at the village mercantile.”

Happy Halloween Linen & Room Spray

"Fairy tale costumes, a little black cat, flying broom sticks, a witch with a hat, trick or treat candy, smiles and more, that's what Halloween is for..."
Harvest at the Farm Linen & Room Spray

Harvest at the Farm Linen & Room Spray

Perfect fall blend of pumpkin pie, clove tea, nutmeg, cinnamon cakes, molasses & cardamom