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Gardening and Floral

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Mini Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood-Mini Preserved Wreath

This Mini Preserved Boxwood Wreath, made from real boxwood leaves, is ideal for a variety of applications, including place settings.
Preserved Boxwood Wreath Set

Boxwood-Preserved Wreath Set

Finished with sheer ivory ribbon, these preserved boxwood wreaths, made from real boxwood leaves, are ideal for a variety of decorative applications. Set of 3, sizes small, medium, and large.
Floral-Faux Succulent

Faux Succulent

Our Faux Succulent is a great decor piece that will require no maintenance.
Picture of Fern Bundle

Fern Bundle

Fan out the large branches place into an a flea market basket, granite container or lay on top of an antique cupboard. Easily keep on display any season of the year.
Green Snowball Bundle

Green Snowball Bundle

Simply drop into a vase, pot or jug to display this pretty and timeless snowball hydrangea stem. The Artificial Snowball Hydrangea Stem will enliven your interiors and add a touch of classic elegance to your home.
Lavender Spray

Lavender Spray

This Artificial Lavender Spray is perfect for adding a bit of nature to your home without the hassle and maintenance of fresh arrangements. This realistic bush is great for complementing floral arrangements or you can just as easily use it to brighten up a room in your home. Place this bouquet inside a vase with other artificial flowers to create a nature-inspired centerpiece or it can stand alone to make an effortless and charming table arrangement.
Picture of Peony Bundle Vintage Beauty

Peony Bundle Vintage Beauty

The color of this bundle of peony's looks like the bushes you see planted perfectly apart at Victorian Homes . The large buds of this peony bundle feel like you are touching the real thing. Spring is a time of awakening and bringing flowers into your home will brighten your surrounding.
Preserved Boxwood

Preserved Boxwood Globe

Crisp, clean and virtually maintenance free, our Preserved Boxwood will add a pleasant green touch to your home.
Single Globe Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

No green thumb needed to add a little life to your home! Our Single Globe Preserved Boxwood looks real because it is. Handcrafted from natural boxwood and specially treated to preserve the color and shape. This stem is "planted" in a weathered white terra cotta pot with virtually no maintenance necessary.
Medium Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Our Medium Boxwood Topiary is made with authentic preserved boxwood leaves to add a touch of green to your home without the hassle of regular maintenance.
Picture of Succulents set of 8

Succulents set of 8

Adorable set of 8 succulents in a clay pot.
Floral-Tiny Leaves Sphere

Tiny Leaves Sphere

Add our Tiny Leaves Sphere to a ceramic bowl, small vintage box or to our cone vessel as shown to mix fresh and simple with rustic.