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Enjoy fragrance without a flame with 1803 Candles Diffusers.  Available in a variety of fragrances. Enclosed in the exclusive signature tube you will find; 4 oz. bottle of fragrance, apothecary bottle and 12 responsibly harvested brown reeds. Great for dorm rooms, bathroom, bedroom, foyer.  Anywhere you need an extra boost of freshness. Long lasting fragrance, packaged for gift-giving.

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Picture of Bourbon Sandalwood Room Diffuser

Bourbon Sandalwood Room Diffuser

"Mysterious scent of sandalwood embers smoothed with vanilla bourbon for an alluring, tranquil, and calming evening at home."
Picture of Cider Mill Room Diffuser

Cider Mill Room Diffuser

“Follow the winding road along the river to the timber built cider mill. Heirloom apple picking and fresh pressed cider; hayrides and cider donuts, too.”
Picture of Cornbread & Honey Room Diffuser

Cornbread & Honey Room Diffuser

“Nanny said ‘There’s somethin’ about cornbread, folks eat it mornin’, noon, and night, and some in between’.”
Picture of Cranberry Cupboard Room Diffuser

Cranberry Cupboard Room Diffuser

“Shaker chairs sit on either side of the cupboard. The cranberry colored paint shows its age which adds to our love for it.”
Picture of Driftwood Shore Room Diffuser

Driftwood Shore Room Diffuser

“A stroll along the shore, sand between your toes, children laughing and splashing in the waves…”
Picture of Grandma’s Kitchen Room Diffuser

Grandma’s Kitchen Room Diffuser

“Grandma’s kitchen is filled with needful things for baking; Cookie tins, spices, rolling pins, dough bowls, and pretty platters.”
Picture of Grandpa’s Trees Room Diffuser

Grandpa’s Trees Room Diffuser

“Grandpa’s trees scent the air on the old dirt road. Folks driving by honk and wave at Grandpa sitting on the porch.”
Picture of Grated Cinnamon Room Diffuser

Grated Cinnamon Room Diffuser

“Nanny grates cinnamon and wraps it in brown paper tied with string. Town folks purchase it at the village mercantile.”
Picture of Happy Halloween Room Diffuser

Happy Halloween Room Diffuser

"Fairy tale costumes, a little black cat, flying broom sticks, a witch with a hat, trick or treat candy, smiles and more, that's what Halloween is for..."
Picture of Home by the Fire Room Diffuser

Home by the Fire Room Diffuser

“The room feels comfortable and familiar, home by the fire.”
Picture of Homestead Holiday Room Diffuser

Homestead Holiday Room Diffuser

“A horse drawn sleigh rides along the river; the air is cold and crisp. You can smell the balsam and woodstoves of homes nearby.”
Picture of Honeysuckle Vines Room Diffuser

Honeysuckle Vines Room Diffuser

“The fragrant vines tangle around the arbor and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.”
Picture of Hummingbird Room Diffuser

Hummingbird Room Diffuser

"Floating free of time the hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us of life's sweet endless creations."
Picture of Lavender Buds Room Diffuser

Lavender Buds Room Diffuser

“Magical soothing buds grow in a pretty pot on the windowsill…”
Picture of Lavender Lemongrass Room Diffuser

Lavender Lemongrass Room Diffuser

“Healing lemon and calming lavender have been used for generations to soothe the weary soul.”
Picture of Lavender Sugar Room Diffuser

Lavender Sugar Room Diffuser

“Perfect buds of lavender and pure white crystals of sugar…”
Picture of Lilacs & Lemonade Room Diffuser

Lilacs & Lemonade Room Diffuser

"What finer afternoon could it be with the sun warming your face, lilacs scenting the air and a good ol' glass of lemonade in your hand. Life can't get any sweeter..."
Picture of Log Cabin Home Room Diffuser

Log Cabin Home Room Diffuser

"The wood pile is stocked with logs for the season. The glowing flames inside the hearth keep our little log home warm and cozy."
Picture of Mistletoe Kisses Room Diffuser

Mistletoe Kisses Room Diffuser

“On the way to see the Christmas village, Mama and Daddy stop under the mistletoe at the general store.”
Picture of Northwoods Cabin Room Diffuser

Northwoods Cabin Room Diffuser

“Tattered curtains in the cabin gently move with the breeze. You can smell the berries, the leaves, and the trees in the forest…”
Picture of Perfect Morning Room Diffuser

Perfect Morning Room Diffuser

“The warmth, the taste and the aroma of the first sip of coffee makes for a Perfect Morning…”
Picture of Pine Needles & Berries Room Diffuser

Pine Needles & Berries Room Diffuser

“Grandpa and the children cut the first tree of the season. Grandma strings popcorn and berries to hang from the branches.”
Picture of Pumpkin Cornbread Room Diffuser

Pumpkin Cornbread Room Diffuser

“Nanny’s recipe book says to ‘Add a pinch of spice and a drop of honey to whipped pumpkin then add it to the cornmeal. Bake in a cast-iron skillet. Serve with sweet butter.’”
Picture of Pumpkin Hollow Room Diffuser

Pumpkin Hollow Room Diffuser

"Pumpkins of many colors and shapes can be found at Pumpkin Hollow Farm.”
Picture of River Birch Room Diffuser

River Birch Room Diffuser

“The sun rises over the secluded wilderness. Graceful, drooping limbs dip into the river and move with the breeze.”
Picture of Simply Clean Room Diffuser

Simply Clean Room Diffuser

“Fresh and clean… A fluffy white towel off the clothes line; cool soft sheets to cuddle in…”
Picture of Southern Welcome Room Diffuser

Southern Welcome Room Diffuser

“The ladies in town welcome new families with their favorite baked goods. Mama makes her famous marmalade cake.”
Picture of Spice Box Room Diffuser

Spice Box Room Diffuser

“The spice box hangs in the summer kitchen filled with nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, allspice, clove buds, and ginger.”
Picture of Spring Rain Room Diffuser

Spring Rain Room Diffuser

“Seedlings pop through the earth, the bird bath fills to the top; children splash in the puddles.”
Picture of Vintage Harvest Room Diffuser

Vintage Harvest Room Diffuser

“We are blessed with a fruitful harvest. Our table is full and we are thankful.”