Amber Limited Edition 14 oz. Jar

Sleek, modern & has a comforting vibe.  The black upscale textured label & desired fragrances are aesthetically appealing to men & women alike.  Carefully poured by our experienced chandlers.

Every 1803 soy candle that is hand-crafted by us is without paraffin, parabens, phthalates, sulfate, lead, and dye. Authentic, clean burning, all soy candle, from the first time you light your candle to the very end you will have a fragrance.

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Picture of 1803 HOUSE - Amber Collection

1803 HOUSE - Amber Collection

Ever want to know what our 1803 factory smells like? Give "1803 House" a try...Spice blend of ginger, cinnamon, clove with hints of nutmeg, orange, brown sugar & vanilla.
Picture of BLUEBERRY CINNAMON BUN - Amber Collection


We took a different approach to the unparalleled aroma of baked cinnamon buns and paired it with luscious wild blueberries. A picture-perfect baked good scent.
Picture of CARAMEL HONEY PEAR - Amber Collection

CARAMEL HONEY PEAR - Amber Collection

Succulent sliced white pear warmed on the stove sprinkling of brown sugar, bit of honey and a little bourbon finishes the deal.
Picture of COCONUT LEMONGRASS - Amber Collection


You will find our soy candle Coconut Lemongrass unique, tranquil & lovely… Whispers of lemongrass blended with natural coconut milk.
Picture of CRISP GREEN APPLE - Amber Collection

CRISP GREEN APPLE - Amber Collection

Super crisp green apple mixed in house with crème brulee to soften without losing the tart freshness of the true to life scent. Our soy candles burn like and dream and you will love this new scent.
Picture of FIRESIDE MARSHMALLOW - Amber Collection


It is always so much fun to put a marshmallow on a stick and roast it on a smoky fire. Our soy wax candle is just that; toasted scrumptious marshmallow cream with a light comforting aroma of rich smoldering wood.
Picture of FRASIER FIR & TOBACCO - Amber Collection

FRASIER FIR & TOBACCO - Amber Collection

Hearty aromatic scent of warm glowing amber, Frasier fir, and the woody spice of cardamom. Our soy candle will fill your home with a scent men & women alike will love.
Picture of GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBLE - Amber Collection


Creamy butter, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutty cardamom, caramel & baked bread fragrance oils are blended into our creamy soy wax to produce a soy candle with a year-round classic scent.
Picture of GRAPEFRUIT MINT - Amber Collection

GRAPEFRUIT MINT - Amber Collection

Super refreshing & sophisticated. Sweet pink grapefruit fused with fresh garden mint. The mint balances the punch of grapefruit and gives it an earthy spa like scent. Includes essential oil, orange, lemon, thyme, grapefruit.
Picture of KENTUCKY BOURBON - Amber Collection

KENTUCKY BOURBON - Amber Collection

You will love the aroma of this special reserve. Warm & inviting bourbon whisky with subtle notes of vanilla, cedar, and a seasoned oak barrel.
Picture of LAVENDER & HONEY - Amber Collection

LAVENDER & HONEY - Amber Collection

Bursting with freshness an aromatic French lavender accord that intertwines with sandalwood, fern & wildflower honey.
Picture of MEYER LEMON - Amber Collection

MEYER LEMON - Amber Collection

The Sweetness of a Meyer lemon enhanced with notes of succulent orange and vanilla. This is a lovely lemon fragrance.
Picture of PALO SANTO WOOD - Amber Collection

PALO SANTO WOOD - Amber Collection

Prepare to fall in love with our version of Palo Santo. Rich wood tones, ambered blooms, vetiver, sandalwood, warm musk, and patchouli. Essential oil includes patchouli & vetiver.
Picture of PATCHOULI LEAVES - Amber Collection

PATCHOULI LEAVES - Amber Collection

This intoxicating fragrance has a beautiful, earthy, and woody aroma, it will leave you feeling balanced and well grounded. This fragrance is truly a retreat for your soul.
Picture of PINEAPPLE SAGE - Amber Collection

PINEAPPLE SAGE - Amber Collection

Our Pineapple Sage soy wax candle opens with a soft pineapple, green leaves, lemongrass, the clary sage, and cedar tones down the tart notes of pineapple and give it a smoky finish. Includes essential oil, eucalyptus, cedar, vetiver .
Picture of PUMPKIN SEASON - Amber Collection

PUMPKIN SEASON - Amber Collection

You will love this scent during pumpkin picking season and beyond. Hearty scent of pumpkin cookies, whipped crème, vanilla extract, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon & Vermont maple sugar.
Picture of ROSEMARY MINT - Amber Collection

ROSEMARY MINT - Amber Collection

Aromatic delicate leaves of rosemary swirl in a bath of water mint. Fresh, clean spa like fragrance similar to Aveda's Rosemary Mint
Picture of WARM PIPE TOBACCO - Amber Collection

WARM PIPE TOBACCO - Amber Collection

Rich, warm, sweet, and masculine. Reminiscent of papa opening a pouch of fresh pipe tobacco.