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Hummingbird-New for 2017

This year we debuted 8 new scents. Hummingbird is the perfect scent to add to your spring candle list. Our Hummingbird soy candle is reminiscent of sweet nectar that fills the air with a crisp and fruity freshness.  An invigorating blend of juicy orange, citrusy lemon, sweet peach, and infusions of tart grapefruit essential oils combined…
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New 2017 Lilacs and Lemonade

Lilacs and Lemonade We have taken a beloved drink and the queen of spring flowers and blended them into our creamy soy wax to create a scent sure to be loved by many. Create a breathtaking display with glass jars filled with lemons, white stoneware pitchers, and lilac sprigs. 1803 Soy Melts pack a powerful…
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Family Everything

Celebrate the family in your life this Valentine’s Day with one of the newest scents at 1803 Candles®. Gathering at the supper table, walks with dad, a reunion of cousins, sitting on the porch swing with grandma, growing old with siblings, in the kitchen with mom, helping grandpa tend the garden, sharing of laughter & tears,…
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